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About Teresa's Transport and Trucking

Teresa's Transport and Trucking has naturally grown from our Auto Body shop in Ridgecrest, California started over 25 years ago. It was not uncommon for our shop to travel, pick up a car or truck and bring it back for work. Over the years we responded to calls for auto transport - that side of the business just grew from servicing customers!

"We transport classic cars, antique and exotic cars, heavy cargo, farm and construction equipment - we can transport ANY type of vehicle OR equipment. We strive to offer high-quality truck and auto transport along with the best in customer service. Our customers can track their vehicle from start to finish."   - Teresa Becker

Open or Closed Transport
We offer both open transport, using protective coverings, but we can also offer closed transport so the vehicle is not exposed to any external elements.

Teresa Becker, Owner/Manager

Teresa's Transport - Hauling - Shipping

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Teresa's Auto Transport & Trucking

  • Hundreds of Cargo Shipments
  • Large Equipment Transports
  • Moving Large Farm Machinery
  • Over 25 Years of Business Experience

    Teresa's Auto Transport & Trucking
    Transport and Hauling Services
    Ridgecrest, CA 93555
      Auto-Truck Transport Ridgecrest CA
    Heavy Equipment Shipping Red Mountain
    Large Truck Shipping San Diego
    Heavy Materials Transport Bakersfield
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    We can ship anywhere in California:
    Searles Valley, Ballarat, Stovepipe Wells, Furnace Creek, Johannesburg, Red Mountain, Kramer Junction, Boron, Edwards, Aerial Acres, Hinkley, Armistead, Cantil, Cinco, California City, Mojave, Rosamond, Tehachapi, Cane Brake, Lake Isabella, Bodfish, Kernville, Pearsonville, Coso Junction, Haiwee, Olancha, Lone Pine, Independence, Big Pine, Mammoth Lakes, June Lake, Lee Vining, Bridgeport

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